Grant Funds

The Town of Ashland is pursuing a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) application in the amount of $150,000 to complete a Façade Improvement Program. The purpose of the grant funds is to assist businesses in the downtown and surrounding area with a grant for exterior improvements, including signage, painting, siding, awnings, lighting, display windows and other approved exterior improvements.

Ashland has received in excess of $2,000,000 in grant funds over the past few years to undertake a variety of projects, such as assisting Ecoshel, Inc. with a business start-up, conversion of the former school into a Community Center, replacing water lines on the Garfield Road, and a corrosion control improvement project at the Ashland Water and Sewer District to address water quality issues. The $2 million in grant funds was leveraged with approximately $4± million in additional grants, loans, donations, and private funds.

The Town of Ashland recognizes the positive impact that individual façade improvements and other investments can have on the overall appearance, quality and vitality of the town’s commercial district. Ashland has four major highways leading into the downtown, from the north Route 11 connects with Fort Kent, Eagle Lake, Portage; from the south Route 11 connects with Patten, Sherman; from east Route 163 connects with Mapleton and Presque Isle; and Route 227 connects with Presque Isle. The appearance of the downtown is in dire need of uplifting and improvements.

The downtown currently has a mixture of commercial and residential buildings. Of the commercial buildings, again there is a mixture of old and new. For details, contact the town manager at 207-435-2311