Daquam Lumber

Daquam Lumber

Business Information

Business Name: Daaquam Lumber
Address: P.O. Box 749, Ashland, Maine 04732
Phone: (207) 435-6401
Website: www.maibec.com
Email: infolumber@maibec.com
Management: Daaquam Lumber
About Us:
Although our name has changed, our commitment to providing the same excellent service and high-quality lumber our customers have come to expect over the last 40 years remains the same.

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Masardis Mill Products:
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Rely on our Masardis division for lumber with excellent appearance and performance:

  1. FSC© certification
  2. NELMA grading certification in according with the American Lumber Standards
  3. Finger-Joint products in PET lengths from 96" to 120"
  4. IPPC Certified with the International Plant Protection Committee for wood packaging materials