Fire Department

The Mission of the Ashland Fire Department is to protect and save lives and protect property through
prevention, eduation, preparedness, and response. As a customer driven organization, it is our mission
and number one priority to deliver the best possible service to you, our community and all other contracted communities.


Fire Chief: Donald Bouley
Assistant Fire Chief: Ned Labelle
Captain: Tom Raymond
Lieutenant Allan O'Clair


  • Norman "Shorty" Long
  • Jim O'Clair
  • Patrick Long
  • Norman "Dick" Long
  • Michael Howes
  • Stan Saucier
  • Jean Poitraw
  • Harvey McLellan
  • Earl Sutherland
  • Kevin Robinson
  • Tyler Cote
  • David Bolstridge
  • Myles Bolstridge
  • Aaron McLellan
  • Eric Boyles
  • Danielle Long
  • Scott Hammond
  • Thomas Melena
  • Robbie Lavertu
  • Eric Thomas

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