NorState Federal Credit Union

NorState Federal Credit Union

Business information

Business Name: NorState Federal Credit Union

Address: 23 Station Street, Ashland, ME 04732

Phone: (207) 435-2176

Branch Manager: Denise Zarate

About Us:

NorState FCU has 6 full service branch offices located throughout Aroostook County to serve all of your financial needs, from savings to business loans to auto insurance and more. We belong to a CO-OP Network of credit unions nationwide, allowing you to ‘bank’ at any participating credit union in the U.S. as well as use of surcharge free ATMs Nationwide. We serve the people of Aroostook and Northern Penobscot Counties.

Products | Services | Features

Products | Services | Features

Our Products:

  1. Personal and Business Services
  2. Unlimited Checking, Life stage Accounts, Low or No-Fee Services
  3. Loans, Financial Services, Insurances
  4. Share Certificate of Deposits, Retirement/Health/Education Funds
  5. Business Products & Loans
  6. Mortgage, Home Equity, Lines of Credit

Ashland  Branch, Hours of Operation:

Lobby Hours  M-F  9:00 AM – 5:00 PM  /  Saturday 9 AM – 12 Noon

24/7 Drive-thru ATM


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